An alliance of individuals and organizations working together to prevent Jewish Genetic Diseases through education, awareness and screening

$90,000 Gift from Michael Stoler to the JGDC Rabbi Education Program

MIchael Stoler with the JGDC’s Randy Yudenfriend-Glaser & Richard Gladstein

Michael Stoler, President, Co-Founder & CEO of the Foundation for Medical Evaluation and Early Detection, Managing Director of Madison Realty, and President of New York Real Estate TV, LLC donated $90,000 to the Jewish Genetic Disease Consortium’s (JGDC) Rabbi Education Program, Couples Aware.

Mr. Stoler became more familiar with the tragedy of Jewish Genetic Diseases when his close friends gave birth to a child with a devastating Jewish Genetic Disease. The new father explained to Mr. Stoler that he and his wife were not advised, at any time, to undergo testing to determine if were carriers of any Jewish Genetic Diseases and the potential risk they may face of having an affected child. Deeply moved by this family’s struggle and the future of a tiny girl who will never walk, talk and will gradually lose her vision, Mr. Stoler committed to help ensure that young couples are better educated about Jewish Genetic Diseases, the availability a of genetic testing and the many ways to create healthier families.

The JGDC recently launched ‘Couples Aware’ to educate Rabbi’s about Jewish Genetic Diseases so that they may in turn educate young couples during pre-marital counseling. The generous gift form Mr. Stoler will assist the JGDC in reaching more rabbis and young couples as well as to make genetic screening affordable and available to all Ashkenazi Jews regardless of the individual’s financial situation.

Mr. Stoler’s gift to the JGDC is made in honor of his friend Rabbi Joe Potasnick, Executive Director of The New York Board of Rabbi’s, who is a co-sponsor of the JGDC Rabbi Education Program in NY, along with the UJA. The JGDC intends to expand this program nationally.

The Jewish Genetic Disease Consortium thanks Mr. Stoler for his tremendous generosity and for his part in protecting future Jewish generations.

– Randy Yudenfriend-Glaser, JGDC Chair
January, 10, 2011