Lois Neufeld (1946–2020)

Lois was a tremendous force in the field of genetic disease education. She, along with Stanley Michelman, had a vision that organizations were stronger when they stood together. This idea developed into the powerful organization the JGDC is today. Lois and Stanley created the JGDC in 2005 with a mission of increasing awareness about Jewish genetic diseases and encouraging timely and appropriate carrier screening for all persons who have any Jewish ancestry, as well as couples of mixed heritage. Lois and the JGDC tirelessly reached out to doctors, rabbis and community members to provide information about the importance and availability of carrier screening. To this day, the JGDC maintains a robust series of nationwide educational programs called “The JGDC In Your Community” for doctors, clergy and the general public, programs that were initiated under Lois’ tenure. 

We are thankful to her, from the bottom of our hearts, for her work to prevent these devastating diseases. We miss Lois’ energy, enthusiasm, and unwavering support, and offer our deepest condolences to her family and friends.