Rivky was one of several siblings who were born with Bloom Syndrome, a genetic disease prevalent among ashkenazic Jews that affects growth and makes those who suffer from it prone to many illnesses.

Rivky is a force and her life is a lesson in living. An active member of the Orthodox Jewish Chasidic Movement, Rivky was born with Bloom Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder especially prevalent among Ashkenazi Jews. Since early childhood Rivky has had to battle the various manifestations of the syndrome, which include an autoimmune disorder and a propensity for cellular mutation in sufferers. Such disturbances have put Rivky in-and-out of hospitals for a big part of her life.

Despite her physical challenges, Berman remained outgoing and upbeat, sharing her positive outlook on life through blog posts, personal counseling and any other means available to her.

Rivky Berman, Chabad Emissary, 29, Inspired Many During a Lifelong Battle With Illness, Chabad.og News, May 30, 2016

Rivky: a blog