About the JGDC

The Jewish Genetic Disease Consortium (JGDC) increases awareness about genetic diseases and encourages timely and appropriate carrier screening for all individuals planning to start or add to their family.  Founded in 2005, the JGDC is an alliance of non-profit organizations sharing the common goal of combating genetic diseases.  While each JGDC member organization has its own individual mission, the JGDC unites these organizations to jointly strengthen public education and awareness about appropriate carrier screening. Initially, the JGDC focused its efforts on the Jewish community, where screening for many diseases was recommended.  However, since genetic science rapidly evolved and screening recommendations changed, the JGDC is now committed to educating everyone about carrier screening for genetic diseases.

JGDC Programs

Through “JGDC In Your Community”, the JGDC offers a three-pronged approach to educate communities about carrier screening for genetic diseases. Through its “Medical Grand Rounds Program”, “Couples Aware Program”, and “Community Program”, the JGDC educates physicians, clergy, and the lay community about genetic diseases. The shared goal of these JGDC programs is to decrease the incidence of genetic diseases and assure healthy families by increasing preconception carrier screening rates and promoting the understanding of reproductive options available to carrier couples.

Please click here to learn more about “JGDC In Your Community.” If you are interested in bringing these programs to your community, please contact the JGDC by email at info@JewishGeneticDiseases.org or phone at 855-642-6900.

JGDC Leadership

Board of Directors

Orren AlpersteinCanavan Foundation
Marion YanovskyNational Tay-Sachs & Allied Diseases Association

Marion Yanovsky

Paula Greenberg Kutner

Board Members at Large

Melissa ChaikofUsher 1F Collaborative
Geoffrey Gee – Neuromuscular Disease Foundation
Kevin RomerMathew Forbes Romer Foundation
Elisa RossGenetic Disease Foundation
Ann SlawFamilial Dysautonomia NOW Foundation

Project Coordinator

Shari Ungerleider

Medical Advisors

Judith Wilner, MD – Chair 
Debra-Lynn Day-Salvatore, MD, PhD
Randi Zinberg, MS, CGC

Rabbinic Advisor

Rabbi Peter E. Kasdan

In Memorium

John Barranger, MD – Medical Advisor
Frances Berkwits, MS, LMSWGenetic Counselor
Randi Yudenfriend GlaserBoard Chair
Stanley Michelman – JGDC Founder and Board Chair
Lois NeufeldJGDC Founder and Board Chair
David L. Rimoin, MD, PhD – Medical Advisor
Lawrence R. Shapiro, MDMedical Advisor

JGDC Supporters